The Proclamation

My name (as it appears on my birth title) is Megan.
I am better known as Megs however, and I can be described in one sentence:

The most unfit heiress to ever rule - or exist. I think "exist" is a better description of my state at this point in my life.

So here it goes...

I may be your stereotypical rich kid that grew up relying on the wealth and pull of her parents, swaddled in designer cloth, reared in privileged zip codes, sleeping each night in a bedroom suite the size of some people's condos, and by the age of 25, had already laid claim to a fleet of luxury cars including - but not limited to - various BMWs, Benzes, and of course - the chariot of all fine rich bitches - a Range Rover. My closet is filled to the brim with fabulous party guests that go by the name of Louis, Dior and Balenciaga. Lastly, every milestone of my life has been capped off by an all expense paid vacation to a destination of my choosing - it was always Europe, I always had a driver overseas, and yes - I have never cruised like the masses on Carnival - it was Cunard suites all the way across the Atlantic.

#sorrynotsorry - That description of my life is one I've hidden from almost everyone new I've ever met in the last five years - since the judgment you just partook in would render envy of the ugliest kind in most.

I may however, also be a twenty-something just as f'd as the rest of you, just as damaged, and just as lost - without Mommy and Daddy's money to fall back on, one less luxury car to sit my ass in, and a world that would love to see me fail. I may also have some cards up my sleeve you wouldn't expect: a heart of gold I give to people I deem worthy, actual real human suffering experienced first hand, a crazy work ethic, a post-graduate education, and... an actual real-girl job, that I surprisingly also did not get through my parents, their friends, or their connections, and which also surprisingly pays less than a Birkin per year.


In truth, I may not be what you think at all.

Marie Antoinette is famously known for a line she may or may not have said, one that's painted her as either the most fabulous royal to have ever lived, or the cruelest: "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche," or the better known translation: "Let them eat cake."

I, however, think this fits better in the here and now: "Let them eat cake and wear Dior."

That being said...

Welcome to my Reign - it's not as pretty as it looks, I'm nicer than you think, and I bleed just like the rest of you, even if I wear Dior while eating my cake too.